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 Migration From 4G to 5G Technology

Moving the application of a technology to 5G Technology, no doubt takes a long time in terms of adposi and adaptation. Glancing back when the 3G technology was introduced, the migration from GSM to 3G deployment also took a long time to be adopted thoroughly by the people in the country. Even today, there are still people who prefer phone and SMS with GSM network rather than using short message app and voice call.

Even so when migrating from 3G to 4G. Although people have popular mobile Internet access with broadband networks, but the implementation of any mash is even quite complex. Which of these obstacles is more prevalent in the communications industry players themselves. Of course, converting 3G networks to 4G requires changes in regulatory frequency and also infrastructure changes. Until now even LTE 4G network can only be enjoyed maximally by people in big cities.

Then the question arises how the migration 4G to 5G? Does it also take a long time to years? 

Answered the question Shanedy Ong from Qualcomm explained that the migration from 4G to 5G will likely not be as difficult as migration from GSM to 3G or from 3G to 4G. Because the technology infrastructure that is currently implemented in the 4G network is futureproof, that is already being prepared for the latest upcoming technologies including 5G technology. 

The challenges that are of course still encountered in the 5G Technology application of 5G will be more on the formulation of regulations. Included with the determination of the frequency of the network to be used buku mimpi 4d in the land. The government is advised to immediately discuss about frequency regulation for future 5G implementation. 

Some other countries that have begun implementing 5G mostly have frequencies at 3-4GHz. Such as US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea and Australia.If Indonesia chooses the same frequency band, then ideally the application of technology tools will be applied more easily. Because the price of the device will also be more affordable, because it is mass produced. 

With cheaper devices, people will also more easily adopt the new technology. Of course, the adoption of technology in society is very important. It would be useless, if the technology is available but people are still having trouble using it because the price of supporting devices is still high. Conversely, if the community is ready with supporting tools, the technology will inevitably be used.